St.Augustine’s High School was established by late Mr.Augustine B.Sah vice principal in 1987 of St.xavier School,Hazaribag.Established in 1993, St. Augustine’s High School has been registered under St. Augustine’s educational society Reg.No- 4306/742-1860/99-2000,School Code- 58008,Status of Affiliation-“Provisional”, Affiliation No-3430250,Affiliation With The Board Since:26-06-2010, Extension Of Affiliation Upto: 2018,Our school have N.O.C From State Goverment, NOC No-774 and NOC Issuing Date:12-03-2008

.It is co-educational school with English as the medium of instruction.Which is being run by a team of efficient and laborious teachers and staff.They leave no stone unturned for the betterment of the children without distention of any cast and creed.School manages class from 1 to 10th.On C.B.S.E.Pattern..

Our Educational Aims

  • To develop the entire man, mind and heart body and soul to from as well to inform.
  • To train the mind to analyze rather than to memorize so that it may distinguish truth for merror, to strengthen the will that it may have the strength and habit to practice virtue and reject Vice to     Cultivate the heart that it may love the worth while things.
  • To instill culture, to stimulate ambition to develop leadership to train citizen for at times.
  • To inoculate into the youth of today, the neglected docterine that morality most govern all phases of     life and that today’s ill cannot be cured by merely varying political structures and shifting economic system.
  • To point out that every system needs an administration by men over men and that     selfishness, dishonesty and greed for power are social moral evils which may be eliminated by moral     restrain only and not by legislation.
  • To imbibe into the youth the maxims that all hafted whether of class or race creed or the entire civilisation and irrespective of any ones beliefs, the sole and ultimate solution of all social economic and political ills was epitomized by him who said, “Those halt love thy neighbor as thyself”. This theme is the proud tradition that may be viewed as the aim of the education impacted by the faculty at St.Augustine’s High school, Jalma, Hazaribagh.