The school aims at providing liberal education and a developing all-round personality of the child so as to enable them to achieve excellence in all walks of life , academics, moral and cultural. This is being done under the guidance of highly qualified and dedicated teachers who lend helping hands to students to cultivate the art of public speaking, acquire manners and etiquettes as demanded of them in a civilized society and instill in them social and national awareness of problems be setting over country and the right approach to over come them.

Mr.Shailesh P A Sah Principal
Mr.rakesh P.Sah TGTs
Miss Lipika Singh TGTs
Miss Shashi P.Ekka TGTs
Miss. Nikhat Parveen TGTs
Mr.Sanjay kr singh TGTs
Miss. Anita Singh TGTs
Miss.Rita kri Sharma TGTs
Mr.Saket kr Sharma TGTs
Mr.Swajeet kr Singh TGTs
Mr.Sachindra kr gandhi TGTs
Deepjayanti PRTs
Miss Reshma Bara PRTs
Miss Pratima Xess PRTs
Mr.Mukesh Kumar PRTs
Mr.Amit Keshri Librarian
Mr.Kasim PTI
Mr.A.K.Dubey PRTs
Vijay kr Sharma PGTs

Letter From The Principal

The mantra of success is to recognize the opportunities which come our way and grab every single drop which is at bay. Dreams are the starting point, the seeds for success.

Many times we face problems that seem insurmountable & circumstances that we cannot change. Edison invented the bulb after trying 2000 experiments but when asked how he felt to fail so many times, he simply said, ďI never failed once I invented the light bulb but it just happened to be a 2000 step process.Ē

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Co-Curricular Activities